Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Spoken Word (sort of)

This is a 2D animated client project that was commissioned in 2017 and completed in 2018. The brief was to sort of give a visual representation of the speakers thoughts as they spoke the words in the script. There wasn't much creative freedom in terms of scene sequence as the client had own ideas about what should come after what, but I improvised with my own artistic direction where I realised irregular diviations. It didn't take too long to complete, and had positive reception from all involved in the project, which was basically the client and the voiceover artist, as well as myself. I'm not really sure what the overall intention for the video was, but I was just happy to get my first animation video pay, even though it was way less than what I now believe it was worth, especially after having to run after the client to pay for the services. Taught me some pretty valuable lessons (cringe!) Otherwise, we learn as we go along. So overall, I was happy with the outcome in terms of output, especially because by the time the project was being made I was not aware of certain techniques to achieve the kind of animation I was going for. Advice for those who may be starting a career in animation: CHARGE LIKE A PRO! And to clients and potential clients, please understand that animators usually sacrifice their lives to make your projects come to life. So don't even think about enquiring asking for a quotation unless you know for a fact that you can afford the minimum. Thank you, bye!


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