Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Projaiva W.I.P - Client Project

In 2018, I was part of a network of animators, and one of the benefits of being part of that was that once in a while one of the participants in that group forwarded a project they either didn't feel like doing or wanted a collab on, and this was one such project. It was expected to be long, so I knew immediately that the client must have deep pockets to even suggest such a lengthy project. My strategy for taking on the project involved convincing the client to reduce length of the project and cut out unnecessary embelishments, which I managed to do, except that the brief kept changing midway, and the project ended up taking almost a year to finish. I think it was concluded somewhere around March/April 2019, and the above video is one of the constant updates I had to send to the client because they wanted constant updates. My work approach on this one was not the best, but lessons were learned I guess, most important one being: PRICE YOUR SERVICES ACCORDINGLY, AND CHARGE FOR CHANGES! By the end of the project I was thoroughly exhausted! To this day, I still don't know how I feel about the project. I think it is still the longest project I've ever done, and it was fully in 3D, which is a style I was still learning at the time, so some things were still off when the final video was submitted. When I met the client for briefing I was told that the video was going to be used in a pitch, and that it was intended to end up on TV, but I honestly don't know where it ended up. I guess I'm not one to check on client projects once they've been submitted, mostly because the use of the content usually lives me cringing. So I don't check to avoid disappointment and cringing my teeth out ---
wait, do we cringe with our teeth or our jaws?... ok, bye.


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