Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Power Music Demo

With this one, I came across an artist's page on Facebook, liked their work, but realised that they shared music snippets in a video format without any visuals. So I offered to do a short demo for them, hoping that if they liked the demo, perhaps they would want to commission me for full music video. To my surprise, after I had finished the video demo and sent it, I discovered that the person I had been talking to wasn't even the artist, but a so-called
who actually wanted me to work on their own ideas instead - FOR FREE!!! I know, I know... shady clientele appears to be the theme of most of my post, but this are lived experiences. So if you are one such shady individual, just know that I've seen most types, so approach with caution if you insist. Nonetheless, it was experience, and I enjoyed and learned a lot from the project. Besides, most things that I create usually end up in my portfolio, claimed or not, so ---


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