Monday, 25 November 2019

SEDA Pitch and Perfect 2018 Polokwane Event Demo

I created this animation clip for the pitch session that I was invited to by SEDA which took place around April of 2018. It was solely created for demonstration purposes. Fortunately, I didn't get to pitch it as planned as the whole pitching session was a whole different thing from what I had in mind.

The even was called Pitch and Perfect, and it was the first Polokwane session ever, and it was organised by SEDA, which invited several small businesses to pitch, emerging businesses to lead groups, funders to adjudicate, and people from Regional, Provincial and National SEDA branches.

So this is how the whole session worked. We got placed in groups with a group leader who wasn't there to pitch, and time was given for all groups to conduct their own mini-pitching sessions, after which the facilitators would walk around each group to ask who should represent the group. This person would not represent all our ideas, but they would go there to represent their own ideas, which many people were not happy with as we all went there to pitch our own businesses and not to promote those of others. Nonetheless, I knew I had a greater purpose there so I wasn't phased much.

In our group there were 3 parties pitching, a motor sport duo, a shoe manufacturer and an animator (myself at the time). And according to our group leader the pitch was a tie between me and the shoe maker. We couldn't break it, but when the facilitators came to our group and realised that we couldn't reach a decision, they decided to go with the female (women empowerment is a big thing in our country, so I understood).

The decision didn't really sit well with me, especially because I had to walk kilometres to ask for money to get to the venue. So I had to make my presence there worth it. The main pitch on stage in front of funders was scheduled for after lunch. The moto sport guys were a bit upset, and they decided to leave without even getting lunch. For some weird reason I just want to mention the fact that they said they're from Percy 5. The girl kept saying that she wasn't ready to pitch and that she wanted to go - I wasn't sure if she was serious, but me and the group leader tried to convince her to stick around.

We then went for lunch, and I decided to come back early because I was desperate to show someone what I had done. So I came back, sat at my allocated table, took out my mini laptop and called one of the facilitators as he was passing by. I asked him to give me an opinion of what I had prepared for the pitch. Luckily he gave me his time and sat down to watch the clip. Little did I know that it would actually catch the attention of another observer from behind us. And that particular observer became my first ever animated content client. To this day she remains my most valued and consistent repeat client. Though I sometimes feel like I'm failing, she's never given up on me, and for that I remain humbled and super grateful. Anyway, from that day on I started receiving more and more clients, and today I'm proud to say I have a small, but promising business.


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